“Hold The Vision. Trust The Process.”


While the vision is to see the world and experience all the great things it has to offer, the process is unknown. Something that could be quite frightening to some people – the fact that there is a fragmented, disorganized, or undeveloped plan – is what is inspiring and fueling the vision. Sometimes all it takes is to let go of control and see what happens. A sort of “go with the flow” mentality, if you will.

Whether you share my vision or have one completely different, I hope that the attitude and mindset expressed throughout this site encourages each and everyone one of it’s visitors to follow their dreams and trust that they will come true if you believe they will.

Hey, that’s what i’m doing!

-Morgan Burns


Morgan is the creator of Restless Wanderess. A wanderer at heart and a perpetual dreamer, she categorizes herself in the confused 20-something generation and is just trying to find herself like the rest of us. Understanding how important and impactful travel is, and can be, Morgan created her blog with the hopes to inspire herself and others to travel.

It’s and big world out there, just go.


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