Why Study Abroad is Worth Your Pretty Pennies

In this day in age college costs an arm and a leg, so naturally studying abroad is just as bad if not worse.  Despite the intimidating price tag, studying abroad is one of the BEST investments you can make during your university years. Here are some reasons why!

You get to learn how other people live


Sleeping, eating, learning, talking, and living in another country-no matter how long- shows you that people do things differently. I know what you’re thinking, duh right? Of course not everyone does things the same; but immersing yourself in another’s culture firsthand, instead of just reading about it, makes you understand that people do things differently. And just because something is different compared to what you’re used to doesn’t mean that its wrong.

You meet amazing people


Whether you’re interacting with locals-which is the BEST way to experience a new place I promise you- or hanging out with other members of your program you’re bound to make some lasting friendships. I signed up for my program not knowing one other person and all said and done, I can proudly say I have 32 new friends!

You learn about yourself


How cheesy is this, but along with learning and experiencing new things study abroad is a time of self discovery. Leaving behind friends, family, and everything you are comfortable with can be scary but also an opportunity to take advantage of! Take time to reflect on your thoughts and assumptions while you are gone and you might learn a thing or two, I know I sure did!

Your cross-cultural understanding will be broadened


This one is pretty simple but its value is often overlooked. Going hand-in-hand with all the reasons above, a diverse cross-cultural understanding is very valuable when it comes to traveling, interacting in day to day life, or when entering the professional world for that matter. Each day the world becomes more and more globalized and being able to sympathize and appreciate another’s differences is a valuable skill.


Have you every studied abroad? What are some of the things you appreciated about the experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.




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