The Best Sunset Spots in Traverse City

As a Traverse City native, here are some of my go-to spots for sunset watching in Northern Michigan.

Empire Bluff Trail

Empire, MI


A great pick for those who like hiking as well. Just south of downtown empire, this trail has one of the best lookouts onto Lake Michigan in my opinion.

Pyramid Point

Point Oneida, MI


Another trailhead that leads to an equally amazing lookout is Pyramid Point in Point Oneida, MI. Beware this trail is quite literally straight up before you arrive to the lookout. It’s less than a mile though so totally doable!

Fishtown Leland

Leland, MI

IMG_8945 (1)


What could possibly make a sunset in NOMI even better you ask? Watching it while munching on a Cheese Shop sandwich! If you’re looking for that perfect picnic sunset location, this is your stop! Grab my favorite, the Lake Effect, sit in the harbor and enjoy.

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Silver Lake


Traverse City, MI

I am so blessed to call Traverse City one of my “homes” and sometimes I go no further than my backyard to enjoy that perfect sunset.


Have you ever been to TC? Where are your favorite sunset spots?



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