A Weekend in Paris

With only a few days to explore the renowned city, I was determined to pack in as many things as possible. I think this was the city I got the least sleep in throughout my Euro adventure – going to bed late and waking up early was my strategy to see and experience as much as possible!


I trained from Luxembourg to Paris and my group arrived in the city of lights in the later afternoon. After a quick stop to our hotel to freshen up, I was off to explore!


The first evening was spent navigating the Metro (which I am proud to say I mastered very quickly with the help of the Paris Metro App!) and exploring the Champs-Élysées. I had to stop at the famous Ladurée for a pistachio macaroon of course, and after some dinner and shopping a group of us made our way toward the Tour Eiffel.

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After what felt like a never-ending hike – SO MANY STAIRS – I was on the second level of the tower and admiring Paris all light up and in all its glory.


With a planned group trip to Versailles that afternoon, I woke up early to explore the Montmartre neighborhood. Montmartre is a must for anyone’s first time in Paris. Here is where you’ll find your picture perfect Paris streets and architecture – a very charming part of Paris if I do say so myself.


Montmartre is also home to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica – rumored to have one of the best views of the city (spoiler alert the rumors are true). I experienced many “pinch me” moments during my trip, but my visit to Sacré-Coeur was one of the most memorable.

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My afternoon at the Chateau Versailles was simply magical. Nothing like a palace tour to set you back into a 17th century daydream! The gardens were easily to most impressive part of the grounds, and I was blessed with beautiful weather to explore them.



After another evening spent picnicking beneath the Eiffel Tower, I woke up early again and set off to spend my last day in Paris exploring more of the city center (the 1em Arrondissement). The 1st thing on the agenda was a morning mass at Notre Dame. Afterwards I dragged my friends to the famous Angelia Paris for “the best tasting hot chocolate ever”. I had read so many amazing reviews about this place and I wouldn’t shut up about it all weekend. My friends understood my obsession once we got there. Another must for a first time visitor!


The afternoon was spent moseying around the  Musée de Louvre and waking through the Tuileries gardens. I had high hopes to walk down towards the Latin Quarter but with an evening train to catch, I grabbed one last crêpe and said goodbye to my beautiful Paris.



What are your favorite things to do in Paris?

All pictures are mine unless stated – MB


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