The Green Heart of Europe: Luxembourg

So I’m pretty sure I arrived in Genovia Sunday instead of Luxembourg City… actually though, the resemblance is scary! 

My program made a stop here because Luxembourg is a major financial hub for the EU. So far I have visited the European Investment Bank and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange-with more bank visits to come during the next 2 days!

I am learning loads from my visits but what I’ve really enjoyed is exploring around the city during my free time. Unbeknownst to me, Luxembourg is heavily wooded-making it a prime location for exploring even in the city itself!

Here is what my first few days in Luxembourg (Genovia) has looked like.

I’ve also been practicing my French here, as it is one of the three main languages they speak in Luxembourg. I can successfully say that I ordered my lunch today en français!



3 thoughts on “The Green Heart of Europe: Luxembourg

  1. Extremely proud of you Morgan. All the pictures are exquisite. The flowers and the walking areas are awesome. Have you been able to enjoy an “European” Starbucks yet? Have fun, take it all in and be safe. Love you dearly. Nana and Bumpa 💕


  2. What a wonderful opportunity for you, Morgan. Makes me wish I was 35 years younger!! Continue to enjoy and be safe in all of your journey. Love and Joy, Aunt Peggy.


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