The Packing Process

Packing for a trip is most definitely a love/hate type of process. The anticipation of your upcoming adventure creates a ton of excitement but thoughts of getting organized and packing can get somewhat stressful at times!

One big thing that I find to be very helpful in keeping myself organized is making a list! Lists are perfect to help you organize what needs to be packed, and also give you the ability to check off things as you go or add new items if need be. I also frequently write down reminders of things I have to do prior leaving such as; printing my boarding tickets(if flying), notifying my bank of my travel plans, etc.

Some common tips for efficient packing:

1. Roll Roll Roll!


Rolling is a huge life saver when it comes to keeping your clothing wrinkle free. It also saves a ton of space.

     2. Use clear plastic bags to organize toiletries and any other products that  you may pack 

I use plastic bags all the time. Personally they help me organize what needs to be in my carry-on versus my checked luggage, but can also help keep any liquids from leaking or getting all over the inside of your suitcase.

     3.  Throw some dryer sheets in there to keep things fresh


A bar of soap is also helpful for this. I used one here that I planned on washing my clothes with which simultaneously helps keep my suitcase and clothing smelling nice and fresh!

All ready to go!

I also try and pack everything up the night before and then create an updated list for the morning/day of my departure. Electronic devices, charging cords, and necessary toiletries often need to be packed last, and an updated list is super helpful in making sure not to forget anything!



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