Five Quotes to Help You Be More In the Now

I can’t be the only one who is constantly worrying about something in the future or dwelling on something from the past, can I?

April, a time of rebirth, newfound sunshine and a greener vibe overall.

April, also a college student’s worst nightmare. Group projects, final exams, summer job searching, all of these contribute to the stressed out mindset that plagues young adults everywhere this time of year. Instead of soaking up the nicer weather outside everyone is praying that the next few weeks fly by and that they survive with minor injury – myself most definitely included.

What I have come to realize in this stressful time (actually all the time) is that I am either putting myself down about something I failed to do in the past few months (be that working out more for a better summer body or paying more attention in lecture), or worrying about something that isn’t even happening yet (my finals, starting an internship, financing next school year). Worrying about things in the past or the future is something that I struggle with greatly, and I know I can’t be the only one! So in an attempt to therapeutically combat this I am inviting you, and myself, to allow a few minutes of procrastinated web scrolling. Hopefully these five quotes inspire you to be “more in the now.” They sure helped me!






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