5 Purchases For Your First Time Abroad


I have purchased a few items recently that I wanted to share with you all. Although I’ve spent a considerable amount of cash in preparation for my trip, which by the way is only a mere 4 weeks away!, these five items range in price from a few dollars to an amount that’s a bit more cringe-worthy.


Airline Ticket

The most expensive item I’ve purchased in the past few months has been my airline ticket. My program had a very helpful travel agent that booked my roundtrip ticket through STA Travel right over the phone. I was offered a great deal on a group flight through STA, which happened to be all Delta flights! The best part about all this was that I was able to load my itinerary into the Fly Delta app on my phone and get credit for all the miles in my Delta account!



Right after my ticket came my suitcase. I’ve invested in a hard-case spinner for my three-week trip and feel very satisfied with my purchase. Hard-case suitcases help protect any belongings from being crushed while traveling and have added a little bit of piece of mind for me when thinking about souvenirs I want to bring home. The one I have is very similar to the one pictured above – I also got it from TJ MAXX and mines expandable as well(I’ll for sure need the extra room)!



I’m still playing around with this one, but I have to say I was most excited when I bought this little toy. After searching around EVERYWHERE, looking at different models, comparing prices, I settled with this Samsung WB380 point and shoot option. 16.3 MP, HD Video, and its compact size sold me. It also has lots of automatic smart-modes, touch screen, and wi-fi connectivity for easy transfer to my phone!


Plug Converter

For obvious reasons, I had to purchase a converter to charge my electronics while traveling. I opted for a converter instead of a transformer because I am only planning on charging my phone and camera mostly. No accidentally blowing up a hairdryer for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

This one was super cheap, only $10 from Amazon.


Rain Jacket

This one is more specific towards where I am going, but nonetheless a necessity! I picked one that’s super lightweight and can be folded up into my purse if need be.

Rain Jacket

**One thing I didn’t include in this list is a Passport. As I already had one I chose not to include it in the Top 5. Nevertheless it is another “must” item that you need to invest in for your first time visiting another country!**


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