Europe: Finally

The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, and Belgium. What more could I ask for?

I am so excited to announce that the time has come for me to take the big leap and travel across the pond! Coming May, I will be participating in a month long study abroad program through my University. Starting in Amsterdam and trickling down from there, I will be visiting many cities in the Benelux countries as well as spending a few days in France and Germany!

There are a few obvious reasons for my excitement: Food, meeting new people, Paris, architecture, company visits(part of my program), did I mention Paris? But the one main reason I am so excited to travel to Europe is the culture. Despite Europe being close to the size of the US, it’s culture is so diverse. The thought of experiencing new cultures and learning how other people in the world spend their days gives me goosebumps. I am truly honored to be part of this program and I am thrilled to have to opportunity to broaden my knowledge about global culture.

Despite my many reasons for excitement, and my unruly wanderlust, I am nervous as well. I will be traveling in an area that has been experiencing some political and religious unrest. Recent events have brought on some expected nerves for my program lead, loved ones, and even myself. But I am not going to let it hinder this amazing opportunity I have been given. I think the best action to take here is to just be cautious – as we all should be on a daily basis everywhere!

If anyone knows me, they can only guess how excited I am. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to do something like this and I am very excited to share my journey with you. Expect more traffic on this blog in the months to come!



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